New version of JETCO Pay Merchant Payment is available!

Besides existing P2P money transfer and merchant payment, new features are added to the latest JETCO Pay, whilst Bank JETCO Pay users can show their JETCO Pay QR codes to pay supporting merchants. Stay tuned!

Pay with JETCO Pay anytime, anywhere, anyway.

Whether it’s going Dutch, shopping etc., JETCO Pay has you covered. All you need is just a mobile phone to start paying, sending and receiving money!

Convenient payment transfer via mobile number Debit from bank account without cash top-up Local inter-bank transfer for free Payment via QR at once State-of-the-art security technology

Convenient payment via mobile number

Enter mobile number to pay your friends or online merchants without having to enter bank account numbers. If both the sender’s bank and receiver’s bank support P2P Auto Collection when making money transfer, money will be deposited in the receiver’s bank accounts right away!

Debit from bank account without cash top-up

Directly debit the amount from your bank account and no topping up is required. It’s simple and convenient!

Local inter-bank transfer for free

Money transfers between participating banks are in real time. Bank JETCO Pay apps even allow transfer to the majority of bank account holders in Hong Kong. No hidden charges involved!

Payment via QR at once

Pay your friends or physical merchants simply with QR codesNEW. JETCO Pay is all you need to make payment for daily lives, cash is no longer king!

State-of-the-art security technology

Multiple security features such as iOS biometric login for Bank JETCO Pay apps, dynamic PIN pad and end-to-end encryption keep transaction and customer data secure and intact.

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